What is ICP license ? Why you should apply ICP license for your website hosted in Mainland China? What's the alternative option without an ICP license?
Tips for building a good Chinese website, how to build a right website that works in China?
differences between Baidu SEO and Google SEO, Baidu SEO rules
social media channels in China, China social media and application’s feature,Chinese customers' habits
Online marketing in China:Local search engine-Baidu, 360 etc., Social media marketing: wechat & weibo, E-commerce platforms: Tmall, Taobao, etc.,Mobility,Holidays marketing and promotion and Quality.
Social media is very important in today’s life。Brands and famous people all want to build  it's own social media campaign to promote the business. Become a Key Opinion Leader(KOL) to earn money or attract potential customers to products. No matter in China or other country. Here we will give you some tips on how to promote with Social media marketing in China.
Due to the boom of E-commerce in China more and more Chinese consumers are used to buy things online. Wage rise and the new generation who has open-eyes prefer to buy things overseas. So it becomes a new business “Daigou”.
Main online marketing channels in China What is the best and most efficient way to promote your business in China or a new market? The answer is to pormote your business through online marketing channels. Below are the main online marketing channels in China: Search engines advertising SEO/SEM with baidu and 360. Let your potential customers to find you through local search engine. It also will increase traffic of your website from your target market China. why don't use google? Because google is blocked by the "Great Wall Project".
DR, as your partner in China, help you to do China Ecommerce for well online sell in China. DR will assist you to expand your business in China with full service from website build to marketing online. Do you want to start your online business in China? Continue to read the text and contact us if you have any questions.