1, create the subtheme theme: /catalog/view/theme/subtheme which will use the default theme if the template file miss, you can copy the file and modify it one by one. 2, create admin files for subtheme to enable it. clone: admin/controller/extension/theme/default.php to: admin/controller/extension/theme/subtheme.php and replace all theme_default to theme_subtheme replace all theme/default to theme/subtheme   Options action. clone:
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In the last blog,  I show how to restore the entry Mediawiki database to Mysql. We don't just want host it, we want it fast too. The lowest server need about 100Gb disk,  but I try to running it on a 1TB SSD, 16 CPU cores with 100Gb memory VPS. let's try what we can do. Server:  
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