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Start to expand your business in China and what's the frequently question do you have been asked? Do you have a Chinese website?Yes, of course.  Do you host your Chinese website in China? Wait a moment, what's that meaning? No. Then, next advice is host your Chinese website in China, why?  "The great Firewall" sounds familiar to you. It's such a long story about the greate firewall and the biggest problem for you to start your business in China through internet channel.
How to publish app on popular app stores in China?
According to the rule of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, anyone or any organize who wants to set up a website host in mainland china , needs to have a ICP License, kind like a business license for a company, people can't visit the website if you don't have one.
TOP 10 android app store stores in China, which you should submit for your chinese app to get more traffic, and earn more money.
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Are you considering to register a wechat official account and want to use China hottest social media Wechat to help your business in China and feel frustrated due to verify issue?
What is ICP license ? Why you should apply ICP license for your website hosted in Mainland China? What's the alternative option without an ICP license?
Tips for building a good Chinese website, how to build a right website that works in China?