WordPress multilingual website based on WPML

Premier Dead Sea use wordpress and woocommece to build their e-commerce system. Our team use WPMl plugin to create the multilingual website, and assist to translate the traditional Chinese.

company profile:

Premier Dead Sea has taken all the magic from the Dead Sea and the world's best skin care scientists to bottle up the wisdom of nature and advances of technology in order to deliver harmonious and synergetic benefits to your skin and life.


WPML conflict with current environment

As a exist site, the previous developer setup the wordpress with woo-commerce and wordpress custom fields plugins. And WPML sometimes has some bugs work with the setting, upgrade always is the best solution if you find a wordpress has some bugs. then have to face the bugs and to avoid hacker third-part plugins, we have to find the best workflow to avoid the bugs. for example. to edit a product, we need go to WPML dashboard add translate copy, then go back to products edit page use classic editor to avoid such bugs.

Theme not ready for multilingual

When the previous developer code the theme, he didn't consider the multilingual feature. all the English string has hard coded. Rewrite the theme and use wordpress _e() function to make the string can be translated.  Then use WPML dashboard to translate the strings.

Woocommerce related setting

Don't want the Chinese copy has different taxonomies between English version, don't want they have different price. we use English as source, and all the common fields managed in English version. in Chinese version, only force on change the title, descriptions etc.