This client's case is typical and very important for people who have customers in China to know it. That's why we want to share it with you.Short description about the job, easy one, the client has an existing website and wanna add wechat pay&alipay payment with SQ code.

First of all, we need to check with client whether they have wechat pay&alipay payment account or not. If not, we can provide service to help them to do the application.

Since most of our clients are overseas(not in Mainland China) so they normally don't have a company business license which register in Mainland China. It requires business license to do application for Wechat official account and Alipay account, personal requires ID cards of a Chinese. More details see wechat official account.

As a professional team based in China with full skilled developers, WECHAT PAY & ALIPAY  PAYMENT GATEWAY INTEGRATION is one of our advantage.


Second, Setup the code for wechat pay&alipay payment

Select wechat alipay payment gateway

The alipay, wechat payment has the document how to. it almost similar like other payment gateway, Paypal, netbilling etc.

the workflow is:

User scan the QR code of Wechat payment & Alipay on their phone,  execute the payment. 

Then there are two solutions:

  1. Alipay/Wechat payment will send a data to callback page,
  2. or we can running a script to check their API get the payment status.

For this client, we used the solution 2 to check the payment status, and show "Thank you".


With our experienced front and back end developer, we finish the job in time successfully and establish 

a great relationship with our client again.

It's really wonderful journey that a new client turns out to be a good friend again.

Thanks for the client, it's really a pleasure to co-work with them.