Track and monitor competitors’ price in China

One of our client want to Watch competitors’ price in China then adjust the price based on the competitors' price.

“We need to know our competitor prices there in China. Watch our competitor sites to gather their pricing so we can match or beat their prices.”


1: Relationship of products in their site and competitors' sites

First at all, we need know which product in customer's site is the same product in the competitors' sites.

And the products is production in foreign, translated to Chinese. We need compare the title, description, spec, price and images to make it's the same product.  and save them into the database.

And this step is take longest time, because have to do it manually.

2: Fetch the competitors' price

Use Python to write the script which loop the links and get the price data. export as CSV and display as website table. 

For the competitor in, we also need use selenium to get the data which rendered by Javascript code.

competitors' price

3: make it work daily

Make it work every day and once the competitors' price changed. email our customer so they can beat their prices.