Magento server speed optimization

horusRC selle RC products based on Magento.  But the server and soft structure problem make it can response in summit. To make the site stability and fast, we migrate and change the soft structure.


horusrc magento optimization

horusRC delivers quality RC and hobby products through a convenient online platform, which based on Magento 1.*  and hosted in Hostgator's Dedicated server. 

Since Magento 1.* only support PHP5.*, and Apache is no efficiency to handle the static files.  with a more serious problem. the Dedicated server used 1Tb HDD with poor disk IO.     all the process blocked by the DISK read and write, even the session can't deleted.   Server load is always above 30, and no response in summit. 

Optimization plan

The client don't want to cost too much on server, and for easy to maintain, we choose 's 16Gb cloud server. which also easy to scale in feature. Install WEBMIN and setup LEMP to replace LAMP.  Only one server, without any load balance or discrete database and PHP.

Also setup:

Redis as cache for database, and cache session. 

Enable Opcached can speed up the site with PHP5.6 obviously.

Cloudflare is another improve, block some DDOS, and speed up the speed globally. 

How's everything going

After migration and speed optimization.

Server load from 30 to 1, and can handle 30 factors request then old server.   Even on the summit, with one order per minutes, server load under 2. 

Before optimization

horusrc magento optimization before excurtion

after optimization

horusrc magento optimization after excurtion