Premier Dead Sea use wordpress and woocommece to build their e-commerce system. Our team use WPMl plugin to create the multilingual website, and assist to translate the traditional Chinese. company profile: Premier Dead Sea has taken all the magic from the Dead Sea and the world's best skin care scientists to bottle up the wisdom of nature and advances of technology in order to deliver harmonious and synergetic benefits to your skin and life.
horusRC selle RC products based on Magento. But the server and soft structure problem make it can response in summit. To make the site stability and fast, we migrate and change the soft structure.
One of our client want to create host in China mainland, and the static resource via CDN. We write this wordpress plugin for this purpose.
One of our client want to Watch competitors’ price in China then adjust the price based on the competitors' price.so our client can match or beat their prices.
integration E-commerce website with Alipay and wechat pay for China market. Use the pop online payment alipay and wechat pay for customers in China
Wechat and Aliapy is most popular payment gateway in China, on this task, we can working on integrate the Wechat payment gateway on Zend framework.
创建一个借贷平台由借款人、领投者和普通投资者组成。 借款人在平台上面提请一个需求资金的项目, 在网站管理人员审核后。 领投者在投入较大比例的第一笔投资, 此项目会正式启动并开放给普通投资者。
Max More is a Hong Kong Gym. 在和客户进行深度沟通后。 我们团队创建了PSD设计稿, 并将PSD转化为标准的Drupal主题。 在Drupal上进行相应设置, 使所有的页面内容可以管理员在后台进行控制, 并实现多语言化, 在汉语、英语、荷兰语的翻译和展示。
创建一个交友网站, 男女双方在资料可以填写含有兴趣、爱好等表单。 当一个男生试图寻找女生时, 系统根据双方填写的资料进行匹配值计算, 从而找到具体高契合度的对象。 在寻找到对象后, 免费用户只能发送少数几条信息进行沟通。  需要进一步的联系等则要求升级为付费会员。 主要的工作: 用户资料收集, 匹配计算公式, 会员按月付费并在不同的会员等级下进行权限限制,在线交谈, 并针对移动平台做responsive设计。
Pinall is a responsive Pinterest clone profile on Drupal.   Based on customer request to customize the site.