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Top 5 Chinese email with English interface

Top 5 Chinese email with English interface

Do you have business in China and wanna to find a local email system with English interface?

We will give you a quick look of top 5 Chinese email companies with English interface.

1,Netease email system

Netease is the only website which is start from mail service and their technology is the best among top email hostings in China. The most favorable price is only 0.39RMB/DAY/PERSON, with 7 days free trial and 5GB storage per person.

2, Alibaba email system

Alibaba as the biggest e-commerce platform in China also provide email service. After Alibaba purchased Wanwang it becomes the biggest company of hosting and server in China. The price is min 600RMB/year,  it will be free if you buy a server from  aliyun, with 15 days free trial and 5GB storage per person.

3, Tecent email syetem

Tecent owns the most popular chat tools in China namely QQ and Wechat. QQ and Wechat are the most popular chat tools used in China and their emails can be linked to QQ easily in order to get notification. Also, QQ email has advantage on speed of send and receive emails since many of Chinese people are using QQ email. It provide package for free with 2GB storage.

4,China Telecom email system

China Telecom is the largest ISP Company in China. The favorable price is 180RMB/year/person with 15 days free trial. Email's Storage is 5GB per person.

5, Microsoft China email system

Microsoft's email system can be integrated with office 365, lowest price is 30RMB/month/person with 50 GB storage. Microsoft provide 30 days for free trail.

If you ask us for stability of above top 5 Chinese email with English interface, we would recommend you to use netease, aliyun, Microsoft.

If you wanna anti Spam email, choose Microsoft.

Well, If your customers are Chinese and maybe try Tecent.

Anyway, we will provide a customized solution to you. 



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