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This blog show how to download the Wikipedia last pages articles dump and import into Mysql. Request: Mediawiki dump for pages and articles is 13.7G today,  after import the data will become 77Gb, make sure it has about 150GB disk when you importing the data, and at least 100Gb for running the site. For most of the cloud servers, like Azure, AWS EC2, Linode, you can resize the server as you needed.   Workflow:
China, as one of the biggest consume market in the world, many people want to share the market but don't know how. Build a Chinese website and let Chinese customers to find you.  What will be your first step? Build a Chinese website. Build a website with multilingual and hire someone to do the translation.Is it really so easy? Does it work?Unfortunately, it failed after you spent so many time and money into it.
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