Which type of wechat official account is right for your brand business?

Submitted by ruo on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 23:51

Wechat official account , a more and more popular chat tool provided by Tecent continue to show efficient and powerful effect at brand marketing strategies. No matter famous individual or enterprises, media or government, all set up their official accounts in order to keep up with the times.Choose a right type of wechat offcial account is the first step you have to do.

There are two types of official accounts, one is wechat subscription account and the other is wechat service account.

What's are the differences? first of all, take a look of how to register a wechat official account.

Basically, wechat subscription account is designed for easier use, set up and management. It can send group message once per day compare to wechat service account is only once per week.

Also, there are some differences on the display interface of wechat followers the people who accepted to pay attention to your official account.

For service account, messages shows in session list, direct on the screen and followers can see it directly and immediately when user open wechat account to chat with friends.

Subscription account's messages are all folded in one folder(subscription folder) and wechat users normally follow up many subscription accounts so your messages couldn't been review by potential customers immediately. They have to click the folder first then see a list of many subscription account. Also, maybe the users follow to many subscription accounts that yours would never been seen.

There is another big difference between subscription account and service account: open an online store(service account only).

If you plan to use wechat official account to sell products or services to potential customer, then you have to choose service account since subscription account can't provide this function.

Basically, subscription account is for share content/information with followers like soft article to attract potential customers. With a verified subscription account you can also have a menu with basically customized function such as a link to your homepage or ecommerce website. Be aware that your website is well designed for cellphone to open and use. 

For now, only enterprises(companies) register in Mainland China can apply for verified official account, if you're a foreign organize or company and want to open an official account, either register a company in Mainland China or choose unverified official account.

Be aware, only verified wechat service account has advanced function and wechat payment. 


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