Translate website in Chinese to reach customers in China

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 04/07/2017 - 11:23

Start your business into China with a Chinese website is a great idea.

There are more than 550 million internet users in China and thanks to Taobao,Tmall and JD and the explosion of express servcies, Chinese people like to shopping online. Chinese people especially young generation like to buy imported products online, which made “daigou” become a new business.

The cost to build a Chinese website is not huge.  Before you make big movement of this project(invest huge money and time into it) it would be better to do a research first. To build a simple(mini) Chinese website with your hottest products or main service to see if Chinese customers have interesting.

After you see a huge increase of your Chinese website you can start to expanding the business and invest more money and time for Chinese website and do marketing as well.

Here are some tips for you when you translate website in Chinese

  • Step by step.Build a simple Chinese website. For the process of translate website in Chinese: Start to translate the most popular products or your main service first.  Not the whole website. Only necessary information for Chinese customers to know who you are, what you do. Build a link to your original website.
  • Choose a good translation agency as your partner. Not only help you to do content translation, but also help you to build the Chinese website. Can help you to expand your business in China. Cooperate with you strategically. You consultant for China market.
  • Manual translation. Double confirm that your translation is manual translation, don’t use google or any other automatic translation system. It will be a disaster to your business. Find a native expertise of your business to do the translation will be best. Also, choose someone who can do marketing as well. Make sure the slang, slogan, names of your brand is translated properly and good for you to do marketing in China.
  • Long-term relationship. It’s important that you can find a good partner to establish a long-term cooperation. You need to update your website in Chinese and content from time to time and with a solid partner you don’t need to expend extra time to look for a partner and save communication time as well.  You partner knows your company’s culture, products,what you have done in China market and what else you should do in the future.


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