Things need to know about social media in China

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social media channels in China

Since Facebook, youtube, twitter etc international social medias can’t work in China. We have to choose co-work with local social media. The main social medias in China are wechat and weibo. These two domain the social media market. Wechat, as China what’s app, has more function than What’s app. This mobile app plays an important role in China social media market with it’s official account functions. Wechat official account is a great option for established brand promotion, engagement with customers including customer service and brand loyalty. With wechat store online, people can buy products immediately with their cellphone.

Weibo, also know as microblog, it’s a great channel to promote a brand and build a brand awareness. There are many of VIP accounts(famous super stars, peoplr) who has a lot of followers. Invite them to share news or introduce a new brand is a good choice. With video links people can have a visual impression of the products too.

Speaking of video, there is another platform for you to share videos: Youku, Chinese Youtube.

We recommend to use a multi-channel strategy to promote your brand. Every platform has it’s unique target. With cross-channel promotion, you can reach as much potential customers as you can.

China social media and application’s feature

“The more the better”, Chinese social media and apps are having more and more functions compare to western apps. We can chat, shopping, share news, pay the bills and make investment, play mobile games with wechat. The more functions an App has, the better and more convenience for users, which increase users’ loyalty too.You can use social media to do almost everything in China. There is even an app platform for kindergarten, schools. Teacher put notices on app and parents check news and communicate with teachers through app.

Chinese customers like to share and comment their online shopping experiences.

Chinese customers like to review the comments before buying, there are a lot of similar products on line with similar images and description. People judge if it’s a good seller based on customers’ comments. Chinese customers like to search online for buying comments and social media users’ experiences rather than visit a physical store to test the products. One bad comment will cause you lose the client immediately. Mostly, seller always call customers to check the situation and try everything to fix a bad comment: change a new product for free, refund ect. Therefore, some customers even try to “blackmail” seller with bad comments.

So it is important that brands use cross-channel platform to promote their products and let customer to have as much information as they can online. Also, it’s important to survey online and take care of information which is not good for brand’s reputation.

 China “face” issue

“Face(Mianzi)” and “relationship(guanxi)” play an important role in China’s daily life. Chinese people like to buy luxury products and imported products to show off. That’s why fake products are so popular in China. The more expensive the better, that’s the rule for Chinese customers. They like to buy expensive products and share is on social media to let others know how good and successful they are. As a response, their friends will follow and buy the same products too. They are all following the blind. But, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about the quality. A good quality is the key for your Brand. The foundation of everything.

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