Is there any good website builder for China?

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Are you planning to do business in China and  want to find a good website builder for China market?

You must have done some research and realize that your local competitors' website look different to yours or any other website in foreign countries. 

From design, layout, color, contents, all is different especially about the users habit and user experiences. Take homepage for example, chinese website focus on the news or content which is hot and if you visit various kinds of websites such as news websites you will find that all looks same. But in a foreign website, it shows something that you may interesting rather than something which is others look at.

Foreign websites design style is quite simple and not so colorful like local website(Chinese website) which has too many functions and content. Take a look of and you will know what I'm talking about.

What's your purpose to build a Chinese website, let Chinese customers to find you, isn't it. Then we should know Chinese people's search habits and aesthetic habits. 

Here we will provide a full service, assist you to build a website based on your existing homepage and Chinese customers' user habits.

With our well skilled developer team who have years experiences on Word press, Drupa, CRM etc. we can meet your demands to expand/start your business in China.

Why you need to find  a good website builder for China? Who is good website builder for you?

1. Let Chinese customer to understand you

Be understood by your China market! Fluent English is still not common in China. And automatic translation doesn’t help at all. A well-translated Chinese site is the way to go.

Open the door to communication! A link to WeChat on your Chinese website gives your Chinese customers a way to connect directly with you and continue the conversation.

Don’t have a Chinese speaker on-board? Our China-based team can help with that.

2. Let Chinese customer to trust you

A good Chinese website will help Chinese customers to find you.It  will show your commitment and demonstrate you’re ready for international sales.

We will help you to make sure your description and content are understood by Chinese customers. Which keywords are frequently searched and used in China market.How to make Chinese customers to trust you.

Let Chinese customers know more about you. 

3. Let Chinese customer to find you

Google search doesn’t work in China. It's blocked by the great firewall. Chinese people use Baidu and  360 instead and ranking on Baidu and 360 is different from Google - you need content and keywords that work with Baidu/360’s search engines.

Besides, it's mobile age and Chinese customers use mobile phones to search for information and shopping online. We highly recommend to build a Chinese website  works with mobiles too. 

App is so popular, build one or translate your existing app into Chinese and publish on China app stores to make customers in China to find your app.

Create your local social media account and link them to your website, good for the marketing and promotion of your website. Wechat and Weibo are the most popular social media in China right now.

If you have more question about how to build a right Chinese website for China market, feel free to contact us.



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