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The initial form of social media is forum, then develop to blog,weibo, wechat etc in China. Some platforms like Renren is disappear and has no market anymore.  Follow the trend and adjust your social media account marketing planning accordingly.

Understand the corn principles of social media and do it constantly.The corn principles contains valuable content, interaction with others frequently, build your own brand and influence, finally become a KOL(Key Opinion Leader).This is also the expected content of social media marketing. Here are the details:

Social media account marketing content planning

What kind of valuable content do you need to share? It should be a combination of your brand,philosophy, something people are showing interesting in and original, make it different to other, unique content.

Interaction communication

  1. Co-work with KOLs to help promote your content: the fast way to promote a new social media account.
  2. Answer related questions on platform such as Zhihu, Baidu Zhidao
  3. Let potential users know what you are doing, where they can find answer they want.
  4. Post your content on related forums and platforms

Be aware don't make it like a advertise since it will be deleted by webmaster. 

Planning of promotional activities

Plan activities which are related to your brand and can attract people’s attention. For example, if you do something with breakfast, you can invite users to share love breakfast to cleaner;

For health care products: provide free health examinations to users regularly(on father’s day, mother’s day for example) ;

For Internet finance: organize activities like provide free lectures to tell people how to against financial fraud or share experiences with each other to avoid risk.

In conclusion, content and interaction 

Do it constantly and one day you will become famous due to a good idea or activity.Quantitative cause a qualitative change.

At last, we want to add that pay attention to hotspot and issues, use it and know how to rewrite it, make it interesting and efficiency.

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