Should I host my Chinese website in Mainland China?

Submitted by ruo on Sat, 04/01/2017 - 17:25

Start to expand your business in China and what's the frequently question do you have been asked?

Do you have a Chinese website?Yes, of course. 

Do you host your Chinese website in China? Wait a moment, what's that meaning? No.

Then, next advice is host your Chinese website in China, why?  "The great Firewall" sounds familiar to you.

It's such a long story about the greate firewall and the biggest problem for you to start your business in China through internet channel.

Actually, there is another way to save a lot of energy and make it easier for you to start your business in China.

The great firewall doesn't block all the connection to website oversea. It may impossible to visit Youtube, facebook, twitter etc but we can visit normal websites mostly. Well, it may really slow to open it.

But, here we are,with our help and advice we can host your website in Hongkong or Japan where geographically near maniland China and will fast the visiting speed.

What's more, we can assist your to do Baidu SEO and submit your website to baidu and 360 make people from your target market to find you.

What's the long term plan? Can you or should you host your website in China?

If you can apply the ICP license for your website which requires a Chinese citizen ID or a business license(company register in mainland China) and most of your customers are from China then we'd recommend you to host your website in China.

We will help you to rent a server and transfer your website from overseas to local server and apply for ICP license as well.

If you have more questions about hosting just let us know, leave a message or email us. We'd be glad to help you.



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