How to optimize your website with Baidu webmaster tools(Baidu SEO)

Submitted by ruo on Mon, 03/20/2017 - 15:40

What's Baidu Webmaster tools for?

Baidu, as the largest search engine in China, occupy the dominant position for a long time and still going on.

Use Baidu webmaster tool to submit your website to Baidu and help you to optimize your website in order to

increase the ranking and the explosure.

What can Baidu Webmaster tools do for you?

First of all, create a Baidu account to log in Baidu Webmaster tool. Use Baidu webmaster tool to submit your website to Baidu. Chinese customers can find you through internet via Baidu when it collect your site.  It's such a powerful and useful tool for website owner.The website is in Chinese, so we only give you a glance how Baidu webmaster tools runs.

  1. Create a Baidu account and login Baidu Zhanzhang homepage
  2. add your website link, verify, then you can see the details information about your website
  3.  Use the data of search display,optimize,maintain to do optimize
  4. Use link analyze to remove the useless links(dead links)
  5. Keywords analyze:keywords, clicks,show times, click rate, ranking etc
  6.  backlinks anylyze:we can create backlinks to hot websites, forums, and see the data anylyze
  7. Site App: use site app can easily build a mobile site for you website, provide a better user experiences for mobile review and provide a better ranking for your website as well.


How to register a Baidu webmaster tools account?

All you need is a baidu account. Use email or a cellphone (mobile number registered in China) to do registration and verify(Baidu webmaster tool's homepage). 

If  you have any question with Baidu SEO please do not hesitate to leave a message or email us [email protected]. We will be glad to support you to do your business in China.


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