Market(promotion) your brand in China via Wechat

Submitted by ruo on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 23:54

Why use wechat to do marketing promotion?

Wechat, as the leader and most used chat tool in Mainland China has more than 600 millions uses for now and most important thing is that the "stickness" of users is very high, people use wechat frequently everyday, chat with customers,friends, play games, share news. Wechat is kind of combination of facebook, Instagram, what'sApp.

Now, people spend at least 40 min and read more than 5 articles on Wehat  daily on average. It's a huge market. So, it is very important that you know how to use wechat to do marketing promotion for your business in China.

How use wechat to do marketing promotion?

  1. create a unique and recognized wechat offcial account logo(the image of your wechat account), your brand logo is highly recommend.
  2. Focus on the local hottest news and know how to use it. Dures plays really well on this part.
  3. Channel marketing
  4. Marketing positioning, make sure who is your potential customers, do some research about their hobby and cooperate with some related VIP wechat official account.Let them to do promotion for you. This is one of the fastest way to gather follower.
  5. Interaction with followers: value every follower and give feedback to every message.
  6. Build your own style:keep posting high quality articles regularly and  in long-term with your own style for recognize.
  7. Let followers be part of your team, provide a platform to let them get in such as create a small html5 game or bonus for participate in a questionnaire survey, share with friend circle etc.
  8. The most important thing-keep post high quality content:It's the only way to keep people stay with you and keep follow your account. No matter how much you spend to promote your wechat offcial account or gather followers at first time. You will lose them if you stop to provide high quality article/content regularly.

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