ICP License

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Why need ICP License:

According to the rule of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, anyone or any organize who wants to set up a website host in mainland china , needs to have a ICP License, kind like a business license for a company, people can't visit the website if you don't have one.

Benefit of ICP License:

Increase the Credibility of website

Each registered domain name has a No, which can be found on the website of the ministry of Industry and information technology. The government use ICP as a method to avoid the existing of illegal website in China.

Speed up the website for visiting

The website with ICP License has absolutely benefit on visiting speeding since without ICP License you can't host your website in China and can only be connected overseas.

Upgrade the performance of website

The website without a ICP License will be sealed with no reason, however, with it, the officer will contact Admin to amend the content within the specified time when they find sensitive information on your website.

Better for business promotion in China

The website have to have an ICP License if you want to do business promotion(marketing) in China such as Baidu, ali Mama, 360 etc.

Also, If you want to realize online trade, payment gateway such as Alipay, Wechat need the website has ICP License as well.

To whom you should ask for help to apply for ICP

Normally it should be the ISP to handle the ICP application and we provide two solutions as below:

A: We will assist you to handle the application of ICP License if you have bought the server but without an ICP license;

B:We can provide ICP application for free if you use our server.


Workflow of Application for ICP License 

ICP license workflow

Information needed

Provide information according to the type of ICP license and the owner:

Personal ICP License application needs photos of ID card or Passport.

Company(Corporate) needs business license as well as the photos ID card of the person who is in charge.

ISP first review

ISP service provider will do the first review of related information and it costs one workday.

Send paper information by post

You can apply for screen to take the photo after pass the first review and send paper materials by post in order to check the stamp/signature(three copies).

Ministry to do final review

ISP will provide related information to the ministry department for final review after receive the photos and paper documents. The domain has to connected to the server before you get the ICP license No. and the related website is offline. Normally, the final review needs 3-20 workdays.


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