How To Use WeChat For Your Business – Even If You’re Not Registered In China!

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 11:34

How to use china pop app wechat to help you do well customer service in China?

Wechat, as the most popular and frequently used app in China, has changed the mobile world in China. Statistics show that people spend at least one hour per day on average with wechat. Instead of people in western countries like to send emails or make phone calls do customer services, Chinese people don’t check email regularly and cell phone call, due to so many spam phone call as well as crooks.

Thanks to Wechat, now we have another option to do well customer service in China.

A verified wechat official account has automatically reply system based on keywords. With a self-service menu make it easier and more convenient for both of you and customers.

Want to build a closer relationship and quicker response to customers? No problem.

Wechat provides another function called ”multi-customer-service”.

How to open the function”multi-customer-service”?

Find “add function plugin(tian jia gong neng cha jian)” - “multi-customer-service(duo ke fu)”-click “open(kai tong)” - confirmation-add customer service(upload image, job number,name,passwords)

It requires nothing to open the multi-customer-service function as long as your wechat official account is verified. Use wechat to scan QR code and log in multi-customer-service assistant, use account name and passwords to band it to your wechat account, so that every message from your wechat official account will transfer to your wechat account directly. Easy for you to reply customers’ message immediatly.

Here are the most important factors that will influence a brand’s reputation:

  1. real-time and quick response to reply customers’ messages(pre sales enquiry)
  2. Real-time and quick response to solve customers’ problems(after sales issues)

Make good use of all the functions of wechat

  1. wechat pay integration to your website & wechat online store & offline store
  2. wechat login to yourwebsite
  3. customer survey on wechat
  4. use wechat analyse tool 
  5. Use small games or bonus to interact with your customers
  6. Group message for news or events
  7. Create wechat group for dedicated fans
  8. publish interesting article regularly to attract and keep your fans

How to create a wechat official account? Click the link here.

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