How To Use wechat official account For Your Business as a foreigner

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 14:40

How to use Chinese pop social media wechat to help you with your business in China even if not registered in China?

Are you considering to register a wechat official account and want to use China hottest social media Wechat to help your business in China and feel frustrated due to verify issue? It’s such a pity that you have to give up this powerful tool? OR, struggling to decide weather or not register a company in China in order to verify your wechat official account with the worry if wechat is really so powerful or helpful for your business?


Well, here is the good news for you, you can still use the power of wechat even it’s not registered in China.

Short description of WeChat, It’s the hottest chat tool in China and been widely used by Chinese people worldwide. There are more than half billion people use wechat daily and more frequently as your thought. With wechat official account and wechat pay, you can not only read article/news with your cellphone but also pay and buy things online and offline with wechat pay. People read 6/7 articles daily on average and there are millions of wechat official accounts and so many people earn huge money through wechat.


What do you need to register a wechat official account? Basically everyone can register it and the only differences is whether it’s verify or not? Basically you need a Chinese citizen ID or a local business license(a company register in Mainland China) to do verify to maximum use the power of wechat, if you can’t provide it, no worry, we can still use wechat official account to help you do business in China.

There are two options for you:

1,register a private wechat account and verify it.What’s for?

  1. Add QR code of your private wechat account to your Chinese website easy for Chinese customers to add you and chat with you via wechat directly for more information about your product or services
  2. Create wechat group to manage your fans/followers/customers: share information & links, use the power of your fans and invite them to share the links with their friends and post on their “moments”
  3.  Post to “moments”

Share interesting news/photos on “moments” and easy for your fans/followers to follow up and share with others.

2,Register an unverified wechat official account


The biggest differences between verified wechat official account and unverified wechat official account are:

  1. verified wechat official account
  2. Unique ID of you and other people can not register the same name like yours;
  3. Can apply wechat payment, open online store etc;
  4. have customized menu;
  5. Have multiple online customer services;
  6. can be found directly on “add friends”

2)Unverified Wechat official account

Other people can get your name after they provide document to do verify, a risk you should consider of it;

Unverified wechat official account doesn’t have online wechat paymeny and open online store etc.;

Don’t have customized menu;

Don’t have multiple online customer services;

Can only be found from”add friend-find official account”;

More details see how to register a wechat official account and what's the function.


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