How to run your/manage wechat official account

Submitted by ruo on Wed, 04/05/2017 - 13:40

Analyze wechat followers and a article which readership is more than 100k to show you how to run/manage your wechat official account.

Wechat followers analyzes

Wechat’s background provide the data of gender,language,province,city,terminal,model. You can use the database to analyze whether the followers are useful to you or not.

Take this for example:

wechat followers analyze

The top 10 area are Beijing, Guangdong province,Zhejiang province,Shanghai,Jiangsu Province,Shangdong province,Fujian province,Henan province,Hubei province and Sichuan province.

Based on the database, we can know whether is fit our group positioning or not.

Also, with data of model and gender we can do promotion accordingly.

Each wechat official account has different marketing position and with the data we can do promotion accordingly in order to get a better result.

Analyze the article which readership is 100K +

Image removed.

X axis: readership/forward number

Y axis: blue line means readership, red line means forward amount

Below is the time line

The data is one day data of an article whose readership is more than 100k. From the timeline we can see that the peak appears at 20:00-24:00 at night, which means people mostly read wechat article during this time period.

how to manage wechat official account

From left to right is timeline, readership, forward times,read/forward rate

We focus on the read/forward rate of this form. Data shows that the peak appears between 1:00 to 2:00 am. It shows that people share less during this period but reading friend circle’s rate is high. Although most people are sleep but night owls are still reading wechat and only a few forward can reach a high readership.  The high rate of this data appears at noon, night especially after 19:00pm which is more than 10%. Based on the data we know people like to use wechat on these time and therefore, many wechat official account publish article and send massive message at this time accordingly.

In reality, many wechat official account’s runner/operator publish article before duty off. On the one hand, they can go home in time, on the other hand they think people would like to read wechat article on the way home. However, the truth is it’s totally wrong. People need to drive home or crowd on metro and they don’t have time to read wechat. So we recommend wechat official account operator/ runner to send massive messages/article between 20:00 - 22:00 pm.

Also, with wechat official account’s assistant, you can publish/send massive messages/article on your cellphone. You can edit it during workday and save it. Then you only need to use your cellphone to publish it.  No need to turn on your computer again.

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