How to register a company in Mainland China as a foreigner

Submitted by ruo on Sat, 03/18/2017 - 15:54

Why you need to register a company in Mainland China

Why you need to register a company in Mainland China? What's for? Well, it helps you to expand your business in China. To earn the trust and use local marketing channels to do promotion for your business.

Baidu SEM, social media(wechat &weibo etc),all sounds like a good plan. However, when you get start to do it you will realize it's not so easy as it looks like. The most frequently asked question is do you have a company in Mainland? It requires a local business license to do the application, you have to register a company in Mainland China first.

Does a company in Hongkong help? Sorry , it doesn't work.

If you still want to expand your business in China then you have to ask how to register a company in Mainland China as a foreigner? Is it complex? How can I apply for it since I even don't speak Chinese?

Well, no worry, here we are.

We can provide full package service to you. Choose to cooperation with us you will find it's so easy to register a company in Mainland China and you even don't need to worry about financial issues like accounting.

First step: contact us and let us know your business scope so that we know which kind of company do we need to register and what's the business scope. Application requirements are different based on your business scope.

Secondly,provide the digital materials /documents to us first we will do the application for you. Normally you only need to send us the copy of your passport and find another individual as Supervisor of your company, his/her passport's copy as well.There is no special demands on the supervisor, any nationality is fine.

Thirdly, after we finish the previous work we will contact you to check your schedule. It requires your personal on site to do identify, check your original passport and sign document.

We will be there for you such as booking hotels, pick up from airport and accompany to finish the registration.

Register a company is only the first step, you have to do accounting per month. It's uneasy for you to do it or quite expensive to hire an accountant who knows English well in order to communicate with you.

We can also provide accounting service and tax issues.

If you have any other concerns? questions? feel free to contact us.

We will be your partner to expand your business in China.


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