How to publish APP on popular app stores in China

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How to publish app on popular app stores in China?

Mobile phone is so popular in daily life and people use cellphone to replace laptop, shopping, search information, booking hotels, tickets,dating. With cellphone, you can get what you need. So, more and more organizers, companies and individuals develop app to feed the market and if you are one of them and want to share the app market in China you have to know the popular app stores in China, why? Is google play isn't enough? Google play is good and very useful in many other countries but things are different in China. Do as the Romans do. Find the most popular app stores in China and publish app there to let people to find you.  Here is the list of most visited app stores in China:

  1.  Andriod IT Home
  2. Anbei market
  3. Android Yuan
  4. Anfen Market
  5. Baidu Mobile assistant
  6. 91 Mobile assistant
  7. Tecent App store
  8. Sogou
  9. Samsung
  10. Xiaomi
  11. Wandoujia
  12. Vivo
  13. 360 app store


Materials client should prepare to provide:

  1. app name
  2.  Short introduction of app: short brief about functions and affection of the app(at least 200 words)
  3. App logo: size should be 512 * 512 pixel, png form
  4. Screen shot of app: 480*800 pixel, png form, 4-6 pcs
  5. Keywords: keywords for app for search 
  6. short brief: between 10-20 words, short description of app
  7. test account: provide test account and password for quick audit
  8. contact information: website link, cellphone and email

You need to register an account under your name or allow us to publish your app under our account.

Normally it costs within one week. We'll submit the material to related app store.


Abhinav Choudhary (not verified)

Hi Sir,

We want to publish our app on the Chinese app store, need your help in this regard.
Can we set up a call and discuss this in details?


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