How to open a Tmall store as a foreigner company?

Submitted by ruo on Mon, 05/08/2017 - 11:42

Now,  companies overseas can use Tmall international platform to sell products in China market online. It will save a lot of energy and money. Also it's a good start for you to know the China market and customers. Here we share with you how to  open a Tmall store step by step.

*update @2018/Sep  tmall changed their policy, for a foreign company to open a cross border store, now by invitation only.  Unless a famous company, otherwise can't register at all.

First step to open a Tmall store:

1, Sign Alipay agreement and open international alipay account

  • read the attachment carefully, Chinese name is “《海外支付宝在线签约指引-天猫国际商户》”. In English “Guide for Alipay overseas online signing-Tmall international sellers.
  • Materials needed: company registration document(scan copy), physical operating address certificate(bank statement or phone bill), authenticator’s ID. Each document’s size should be less than 5M.
  • Complete Alipay registration and sign agreement for yourself on Login-Alipay. You can only fulfill for website which integrate to Alipay service.If you have any problem you can send email to [email protected] for help.
  • Check the process for yourself and provide registration email, company’s name, which kind of currency to International Tmall’s customer service after registration and sign agreement.

2,Provide scan documents for audition. In order to saving time you can do it with alipay application simultaneously.

Provide following documents in PDF or Jpg file. If the language is neither English or Chinese, you need to provide translation file too accordingly.

  • Company registration document
  • Bank account opening license, the one which bound to international alipay account.
  • Letter of Authorization, with authorizer’s ID copy (better a Passport’s copy)and signature.
  • Trademark registration’s copy.
  •  If you’re authorize by the brand to open the Tmall store, you should provide an Authorization letter for Flagship store. 

It will consider that you open a specialty store directly if you don’t provide last two documents.

Fulfill the form" Tmall international version service agreement",  do not sign it direct, send back word file is ok. Send it together with other documents.

Fulfill seller information form, brand and term form. Store name should be same as the company’s trade name.

Second Step to open a Tmall store:

  1. Sign paper agreement with Tmall international when finish first step.
  2. Pay the guarantee cost, yearly costs and wait for confirmation from Tmall international’s financial department.

Third Step to open a Tmall store:

  1. Tmall customer service officer will open Tmall international account for you, then you can upload products and decorate your online store.
  2. Tmall customer service officer will bound your Tmall international account to your Alipay account, then you can start to sell products online.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us.We will be glad to assist you to enter the China market online.


holly (not verified)

how much for foreigners to open an shop in Tmall, how much for sep up costs, guarantee cost, yearly costs? please let me know, thank you

Sat, 05/11/2019 - 03:31 Permalink

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