How to open a store on Amazon China

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As we all know China is a huge e-commerce market in the world and except local platforms like Taobap, Tmall and you can also choose a global brand like Amazon to do business in China.

Why choose Amazon China instead of other local ecommerce paltforms like Tmall and

1, less competition

The competition between sellers on Tmall and JD is so brutal that you have to pay a lot of money to join the campaign as well. Unless you’re a big role in the game, you won’t get much support from platforms.
Amazon China, as a new player in China market, provide more services to sellers compare to other platforms and less competition.

2, less cost 

You need to pay a lot of money to Tmall and other platforms yearly. 
(How much does it cost to open a tmall store)
However, Amazon China only charge commission cost, which means there is no fee at all if you didn’t make a deal. It’s a good choice for you to start in a new market.

Process to open a store on Amazon China

  • Create an account
  • Submit related documents (mentioned above)
  • Wait for Amazon China’s verify
  • Arrange payment of guarantee money
  • Upload products
  • Sale products

Documents required to set up account on Amazon China:

  • Business license(register in Mainland China)
  • Tax registration certificate
  • Brand certificate
  • Certificate of trademark for own brand
  • Letter of Authorization(distributor of the brand)

Additional documents for particular items for example wine :

  • Food business license
  • Alcoholic drink retail license
  • Operator’s file for internet access(need to fill in the form)
  • Food production license
  • Import declaration
  • Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine of Inbound Goods

How much do you need to pay Amazon?

Amazon cost Guarantee money (CNY 10,000-CNY50,000)and commission rate (5%-15%)are various depends on the products 

Take wine for example,Guaranty money is CNY 50,000 and Commission rate :10%

Logistic options

  • Independent shipping(provide warehouse, shipping and customer service yourself),only pay commission.
  • Use Amazon’s logistic services,professional Amazon logistic,shipping and customer services including cash on delivery, cost including commission+logistic + storage

If you have any question please feel free to contact us, we'd be glad to help you expand your business in China.

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