How to market app in China?

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 07/21/2017 - 06:37

As China is the largest mobile market in the world, many people wanna to publish their app in China to share the market. Launch your app in China is only a start, the most important thing is how to market app in China in order to attract people to download and use your app.

Free channels you can use to market app in China

Launch promotion in app stores

Popular app stores except Wandoujia provide launch promotion application. The effect is quite good in some app stores like Meizu and OPPO.

Special report in app stores

Except launch promotion application, app stores also provide resource for promotion such as topic report. The quality of app product and fit-to-purpose are the two keys for special report.

self-recommendation for new launched app

App stores like Meizu, Xiaomi, 360, Huawei etc provide self-recommendation service. The app should be within 6 months after launch. If you failed you can apply again. Actually editors for app stores are also looking for good apps and would like to recommend it. 
Besides, “Zuimei Yingyong” and “DEMO8” also have module for app recommendation. If your app is funny, unique, you can do the application as well.

wechat and weibo advertise

You can apply a wechat and weibo account for your application and it will bring traffics if you run it well. Also, you can try to contact other wechat/weibo account to advertise your app as well.

vertical media report

You can contribute to vertical medias. Especially investor and in-group people can see it. For now, local medias like 36 Kr, Huxiu, Lieyunwang,Chuangyebang,iHeima have the channels for people to contribution or apply for special report.


Paid channels for app market in China

paid ads in app stores

All app stores provide paid promotion channels,namely paid by CPD or CPT. 


Use ASO to get a good ranking of your app with various keywords. Pay attention to your apps description, keywords etc. You can also invite professional person or agency to do it for you.

vertical forums

Most big vertical forums is a good channel to promote a new app. Such as Douban xiaozu and Baidu Tieba.

Network marketing service

Network marketing service like Jifenqiang, Suoping, Banner,PUSH etc.
Also, you can try other Ad platforms like Guangdiantong from Tecent, Fensitong from Weibo, Ad platform of Jinritoutiao(a hot media app in China).

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