How to manage Wechat official account successfully(wechat official account management)

Submitted by ruo on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 23:58

Why focus on manage wechat official account?

In China, wechat has become a very important part of people's life, as important as a cellphone.People use wechat to chat with friends, colleagues, families, set up group account for multiple people to communicate with each other, share new, sell/buy products, payment etc. 

What should you do after you register a wechat official account? It has following functions:


Message all followers or segment by geography, gender or a custom group(sales leads, VIP, etc)


Set a welcome message, reply to keywords, and a default reply to any other messages, guide reply for followers to find their answers.


Send text responses to individual follower messages


View basic profile data, group followers, add aliases


Uploading image, audio, and video files, and create multimedia cards


Detailed reporting on followers, content engagement, message volume, and so on

There is some differences depends on different type of wechat official account.

A wechat official account is now playing a important role in a company's running such as brand advertising, customers management(attract new customers and maintain existing customers), information announcement and etc. Therefore, it's very important that we provide high quality content to followers not only keep existing fans but also attract new followers. 

Also, people like to share interesting things and they play an important role for your brand advertising as well. That's why many new official account usually set up a small game or bonus to attract people to share the link with their friends through wechat and it's very efficient.

Here are some tips for regular wechat account management:

  1. Set up a nice/interesting welcome message for a new follower.
  2. auto reply based on key words such as FAQ and let customers enjoy the self-service or check information about your brand/products.
  3. Custom define wechat interactive menu. We can assist you to create a efficient interactive menu so that customers can interact your official account more efficiently.
  4. Use wechat membership and direct communication in a more personal way and collect data, customers feedback, like a friend to them
  5. use wechat official account to do customer survey, advertising, open online store, find stores offline etc.It's also an efficient tool of member management for brands. Easily scan the QR code to pay the money or collect score.
  6. wechat advertising, we can also help to provide a customize advertise package for your official account to attract more followers at first time, important events such as show, new products launch etc.

Co-work with us so that we can provide customized service to you and help you to expand your business in China.

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