How to find a good translation agency for your Chinese website

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 04/07/2017 - 11:26

Well begun is half done, a good Chinese website translation is half done for your business in China.

Find a good Chinese website translation agency is so important since it’s a complex job to do the right translation for a website. There are so many things need to be considered compare to traditional translation services.A good and experienced website translation will save you a lot of money and energy to start your business in China, make it easier to do SEO. So the first thing you should consider is if you translator know Web language.

website content translation

Different to traditional translation, a website’s content is more diversity. Not only the text, translator need to translate graphics,text in links, homepage properly. Besides, the translator know how to optimize the text is a plus.It will help a lot for you to do SEO in future.

how to do the translation

There are many content from various resources of a website such as HTML/XML,databases,plugins,Java scripts, CSS,PHP etc.  Make sure what’s kind of service do the website translation agency provide. Only text translation? Provide English and Chinese content back to you without fill in or help you to change the translation directly on site? These two services have huge differences.Besides, a English word always has more than one meaning in Chinese languages.Without a full picture of the project or review it on your Chinese website, it’s difficult to know whether the translation is right.

Chinese Website localization

Chinese website translation is one thing, localize it is totally another thing. If you don’t understand Chinese and the culture well, it’s really difficult for you to localize your Chinese website even with your translation agency’s help. The traditional translation agency are good at content translation but really few of them know how to localize a Chinese website.

Also, be aware that some tools on your website such as google map, facebook, video link to youtube, twitter etc can not work in China. You have to change it with local tools like baidu map, wechat, weibo, youku etc.

A good website translation agency should also give you advice how to make sure your Chinese website is suitable for China market. For example, if you own a E-commerce website, make sure the product name translation is properly. Many times, Chinese users like to name a nickname or other name for the same product.  If your Chinese translation agency do the translation literally, people who want to search for the product can’t find you because he use another product’s name.

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