How to do social media marketing in China

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Social media is very important in today’s life. Brands and famous people all want to build  it's own social media campaign to promote the business. Become a Key Opinion Leader(KOL) to earn money or attract potential customers to products. No matter in China or other country. Here we will give you some tips on how to promote with Social media marketing in China.

Social media marketing in China

China is a huge market with it’s characteristics. It blocked a lot of common tools used by people overseas such as Facebook, Twitter, What’s app etc. So, when you do your business in China you have to take it step by step like a baby walk. Do in Rome as Rome does. Wechat and Weibo are the most popular social media in China. They dominate the market and play different roles.Weibo, as a elder player, cooperated with many famous brands and there are plenty of KOLs on weibo. Weibo KOl is a mature industry in China.

Wechat, as a new player in recent years, grow rapidly. Due to wechat’s multi functions like official account, wechat pay, wechat online stores, wechat mini applications, more and more brands have their own wechat official account to run the marketing. Know these two platforms and learn how to use them to promote your business is the key.

Know your customer in China

Unlike social media users in western countries who mostly only read news, Chinese users are more like to be the player. They create content and share information too. Chinese customers like to share their online shopping experiences, survey online information for products before buying. They also can become reseller as well. We call it “Wei Shang” in Chinese, meaning wechat business. In the beginning people who like the product and share it with friends and gradually it becomes a new business mode.

Do well customer service

Due to the characteristic of Chinese customers, leave a comment and share shopping experience. People form the habit to review the comments before buying. It’s dangerous for your business if there are more than one bad comment. Customer services should be your number one priority for online business.Without see the products physically people can only judge it based on other’s experiences and comments. Any negative comment will ruin your business in China if you don’t take it seriously.

KOL s(key opinion leaders)

Due to the popular of social media, it appears a new business. VIP accounts or KOLs are the key role in this industry. They have a strong influence on their followers/fans just like super stars. Followers like to wear/buy same products. Take KOLs advice no matter what they said or promote.

Be unique

Make sure your promote content is unique and original. There are a lot of competitors in your business even on social media platform. It’s like a brand, distinguish your from other competitors and help potential customers to find you and know you.


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