How to do online marketing in China?

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 11:57

Choose online marketing in China is a smart decision for you to start business in China. As a home for more than billion people in Asia, half of them are internet users. It’s a huge marketing for you. Choose a good Chinese partner to customize a useful online marketing strategy for you is essential.

Local search engine online marketing in China: Baidu, 360 etc.

We recommend to use Baidu since it’s still the leading search engine in China and overwhelm the market. Google is blocked out in China.

Chinese people used to use Baidu to search for information and it’s main traffic resources for a website. Choose a good Baidu SEO specialist to optimize your website and run your Baidu campaign account if you have one.

 Social media online marketing in China: Wechat & Weibo

People like to share information with each other and ask friends for advice before making a buying decision. With popular social media Wechat and Weibo marketing to enhance your brand reputation in digital marketing in China. Also, Chinese customers like to buy international brands. That’s why luxury brands like to do business in China.

 E-commerce platforms: Tmall, Taobao, etc.

Unlike situation oversea, Chinese customers don’t visit brand’s owned website to buy things. They prefer to shopping on third party platform like Taobao, Tmall and Main online shopping traffic is controlled by Taobao, Tmall and They also have a powerful and professional team to run marketing to attract traffic to their websites. So better choose to cooperate with them and open a store on their platform as well.


Build a mobile site as well. Easy for people to visit your website through cellphone and tablet.  People check social media’s information with theire cellphone. With a mobile site, people can click the link directly. Increase user experience and optimize your mobile site as well.

Holidays marketing and promotion

Catch every opportunity you can to do celebration and promotion. Increase explosion and let customers to remember you. Take Tmall’s 11th November activity for example, people name  “11.11” as a holiday for single person and Tmall use it as a holiday for shopping. After years of promotion and marketing, the single day’s turnover is 120.7 billion RMB in 2016. A lot of Bands’ single day sales is more than 100 million RMB. Sounds crazy but it’s the truth. Companies prepare months before for this day. Hire temporaries to do online customer service, packing, shipping etc. It’s the carnival day for E-commerce.

The last but not least: quality

Quality is the key that make you business run successfully in long-term. No matter how good the promotion and marketing is, if quality is bad, it will ruin your business and brand’s reputation in the end. Good quality is a vital. Make sure your description of your products is true. Let your customers be your brand’s fans and help you to do marketing spontaneously.

It is vital that the nature of the content you send out over the web gives value to consumers in China. Photos and videos stand a good chance of going viral compared to dry text, and there is also a case for telling a story around your brand, be it factual, fictional or tongue in cheek. Ensure that the video content you do produce and share ticks the boxes in terms of quality, as a grainy or under produced effort will not reflect well on your brand.


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