How to do business on wechat/open a wechat store right now!

Submitted by ruo on Mon, 03/06/2017 - 13:33

Wechat, as the most popular chat tool in China, has more than half billion users now. With the function of wechat wallet/wechat pay it's very convenient for users to buy or trade on wechat platform.Therefor,more and more companies and brands are opening their wechat store. 

  1. Brand fans or customers can follow official wechat account easily for update or newsletter;
  2. Easy for followers to share with friends and create link for promotion in and out of wechat;
  3. open a wechat store directly so that people can buy products directly if they have interesting.

How to create a wechat store, first of all, need to register an offcial wechat account.

You need to prepare the following information:

 (apply it as an organization so that you have to register a company in Mainland China. 

We can assist you to apply for it if you don't have one.)

  1. Chinese ID Card;
  2. Chinese mobile phone number, if you don't have one, we can provide it as well;
  3. Business license(company in Mainland China)

The whole process of registration is totally in Chinese, if you can't read Chinese, no worry, leave it to us, 

we can provide package service to you.

There are two types of official account:

1) Service account(FU WU HAO):

mass texting once per month,

customize menu to improve user experience,

four functions: including basic interface, wechat certification and  two unique functions namely customize menu and high-end interface

2)Subscription account(DING YUE HAO) :

mass texting once per day,

only one option(edit reply message-will send when someone follow up the Subscription account),

two basic functions: basic interface and wechat certification

Basically Wechat SERVICE ACCOUNT  is for service function and Wechat SUBSCRIPTION ACCOUNT is for spreading the message.

Now back to our topic, how can we open a store on Wechat. We need to open an official account with a service account, then we can create mobile mobile web sites to edit  products and services. 

This part is just like a mobile version E-commerce.

If you have any problem during the process, feel free to contact us(email address [email protected]). We will sincerely provide our professional service to you. Just shoot us an email and we will answer your question asap.




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