How can you build a right website that works in China?

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 12:03

Build a website with fast speed for customers in China is only the start. However,it can’t solve all the problem. Chinese customers have totally different user experiences compare to Western people from social media, UI, payment methods, hobby etc. Open Taobao homepage or anyother main social medias/news homepages, you will know what I’m talking about. which will help you to build a right website that works in China.

In China internet, homepage is so important. It catch all people’s attention and opinion about one website. If people lose interesting in the homepage’s content, they won’t spend any time for the rest.

Be aware that almost all the websites that hosted aboard (except countries geographically near Mainland China) are very slow in China or even can’t visit at all.

Also, be aware that there are other facts which will cause bad user experiences:

Basic technical issues of the website

Use services don’t work in China. Google,Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You need to replace them with local servcies;
Images on your website are not optimized;
DNS,hosting quality,bad coding of the website etc.

Content of the website

Remember that most of Chinese customers can’t read or understand English well. Unless it’s really important or you pay them to do it, they won’t have interesting to visit a website with foreign language.

Find a good Chinese translation agency for your website, DO NOT use automatic translation, it doesn’t help at all or even worse.

Website works china SEO

Keywords setting, on-page SEO, backlinks setting, look for a good SEO partner to market your Chinese website to drive traffics and let customers to find you.

Mobile site

This is mobile age, people go everywhere with their cellphone. Build a website with mobile as well is essential.

Social media integration

Chinese customers don’t used to check emails regularly. They prefer to use social media tools such as wechat and QQ. Now, mostly use Wechat. Integrate your website with social media, easy for customers to contact you and share news with friends.

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