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Why? Why not use your existing server or server in Mainland China?

Server oversea? Which is familiar to you and no need to apply ICP for your website. Easier and faster for customers overseas to visit BUT not for people in Mainland China.

Many websites are blocked out by the "GREAT WALL CHINA", correct, there is also an invisible shell called Chinese Golden Shield Project to block many information from outside. For example, we can't visit Google, Facebook, Youtube etc. in Mainland China.

Also, the visit speed will be very slow or even can't open at all which cause the customers lose patient at your products/ service in the end.

As mentioned above, Google doesn't work in Mainland China, you have to choose the local SE Baidu for marketing of your website. 

How about host a website directly in Mainland China?


It will be perfect if you have a company register in Mainland China? Why? It's the necessary document to apply an ICP  License for a company's website to live in Mainland China. 

What's the advantage of host a Website directly in Mainland China?

  1. faster and easier for Chinese customers to visit your website;
  2. good for local SE to do scratch your website. Also, if you want to do Baidu SEO, like PPC, you have to apply for an account and it requires you provide an website with an ICP license.
  3. for long-tern, it's a best way to build connect with China market.

Now, here come another question, you definitely don't want to use a foreign host but register a local company just for a website, yeah, maybe in one day, but not now. What can I do now?

Another solution: host your Chinese website in hongkong

Well, we can provide a third way, host your Chinese website in hongkong. It will be fast and easy access for your customers in China and you don't need to apply for an ICP either. What's more, local SE like Baidu can also find your website.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us, we're fast and professional to provide service to you and you will love to cowork with us.

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