How to gain followers for your wechat account

Submitted by ruo on Wed, 04/05/2017 - 12:07

Analyze the resource of readership 

There are mainly 7 index about reading analyze: readership of article,times of view of article,readership of original article, times of view of original article,how many people share and distribute,how many times be distributed,how many favorites.

  • readership of article means how many people read your post.
  • readership of original article means how many people click the link of added original post.It’s mostly used for promotion. Statistics show that the click rate is quite low of original article.

Let’s take a look of article’s readership resources first. Wechat background provides five resources for analyze namely message,forward by friends,friends circle,Tecent blog, message history.

  1. Message: followers read the message your group send , copy the link and share with others etc.
  2. Forward by friends: followers share with friends directly, people mostly would like to forward a good article spontaneously. Also, friends and colleagues are happy to forward it.
  3. Friends circle: every wechat user is familiar with it. It's a very important part of wechat and people like to share things with others.
  4. Tecent blog: few people use Tecent blog so there is not much resources come from Tecent blog.
  5. Message history: The reading rate of history article on wechat platform is not high. Mostly people use favorite to read history messages.

Let take a look of an article which hit rate is 100K +


X axis means readership

Y axis means resources

From left to right is  message,forward by friends,friends circle,Tecent blog, message history and others.

The mainly resource come from friends circle(people share it after reading). A good title can attract people to click the post but can’t guarantee enough readership. Since forward is the key on reading growth the corn to run a wechat official account is to provide high quality content.

In a word, create high quality content and expand the share resources, that’s the key to gain more followers.


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