Find the best wordpress server in China

Submitted by ruo on Mon, 12/17/2018 - 13:52

Wordpress is most popular CMS in the world. More then half of our customers are using Wordpress to build their websites. What is the best option for Wordpress hosting in China?

Aliyun is the largest ICP in China, though they block the email port, install their monitor software as default, it still the first option to run the Wordpress. My reason is that, after serving 100+ customers, we find the China ICPs always has strange problems and bugs, e.g. some no reason limit by the ICP company,  rewrite files in the liunx distributions cause problems, or enforce use their own apt source but can't download at all. Aliyun also has these problems, but they a big enough to have enough discuss to solute them.

Tencent cloud.  They has some big issues, like delete a customer's sites. But wechat is most popular software in china, use tencent cloud is friendly for wechat development.

Anyway, backup the data remotely, always remember this.

But lots of customers don't has a Chinese company, they can't host in mainland China, in this condition, to find a fast a server locate in Hong Kong is the best choice. To find a cabinet which has China Telecom Next Carrier Network. Otherwise some cabinet locate in Hongkong  need go to the US first, then back to China.

For the Chinese network to the world, there are three types:

1.163: most of the user use this network, lowest priority, always has the IP package lose problem.

2. CN2 GT:  GIS-Global Internet Service, lowest priority in CN2 network, better then 163 network.

3. CN2 GIA: Global Internet Access, fastest and highest priority.  

If the cabinet has CN2 GIA, which is the best solution to host, even that in western of the US, it's also better then Hongkong normal 163 network cabinet.


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