Differences between Baidu SEO and Google SEO

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 12:02

Build a Chinese website is one thing, let people to find you through search engine is other thing. Google dominate the search engine market in many countries but not in China. Baidu is in charge now since Google pull out of China market. If you want to your website have a good ranking in China you have to play with Baidu ranking rules. There are big differences between Baidu SEO and Google SEO.

collect regulation

New website can be collected by Google easier than Baidu. A few backlinks can help to let Google collect new website. However, it’s hard to get a good ranking on Google.

On the contrary, it’s not easy to let Baidu collect a new website. There is always an observation period and sometimes it takes quite long time. But, it’s easy to get traffic and ranking once collected by Baidu.

Weight-based rule

For search result, Baidu put more weight on homepage. You should focus on your homepage if you want to have a good ranking on Baidu. Google, however, every page have the same weight.

Updating rule

Baidu pay more attention to website’s updating. A regular updating can help you to get a good ranking on Baidu. Google isn’t so sensitive to updating. Anyway, constantly update your website is a good thing.


Google knows well the hosting market like the America dominate the web hosting market and India with cheaper price. So there is no bigger differences on which country to host your website.

However, it doesn’t work with Baidu. There is a huge differences between whether or not hosting your website in China. People may can not open your website if it’s hosted oversea and the speed is very slow.

ICP license

Only China requires ICP license if you want to host your website in China. Here is more information about ICP license.

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