Why Daigou(imported product)is so popular in China E-commerce market

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 03:46

Due to the boom of E-commerce in China more and more Chinese consumers are used to buy things online. Wage rise and the new generation who has open-eyes prefer to buy things overseas. So it becomes a new business Daigou.

In the beginning, it’s just luxury products. Because of high imported tax people only need to pay half or less than half to buy a same item overseas than in local boutique. It’s only a favor between friends and with the growth of E-commerce namely Taobao in China, more and more people who live oversea open online store in Taobao platform and earn money.

Gradually, it becomes a business and there are people who hire aboard students to join the business as well. The famous “Sanlu” milk issue hit the young mothers’ nerve and nobody dare to let their baby to drink local milk. Things became worse especially regarding baby foods. The whole issue boom the expand of “daigou” in another way. Some company and overseas milk brands seize the opportunity and start their business in China.

The war begans. There are so many companies who focus on the business to sell imported products like “mitao”, “JD haiwai Tao””Tmall Haitao” etc.

daigou is popular in China

Build you daigou business in China

However, it occurs a big problem: too many fake products showed in the market, from food to clothes. People become nervous again, don’t know which platform they can trust again.

So, this is another opportunity for you to start your business in China. With your own brand and customer service, people would like to trust your brand more than buy things from online platform owned by a Chinese people. Once we build a good reputation in the beginning it will be easier for us to expand our business in China and our customers will help to promote our marketing as well.

Another good news is that Chinese government do your a favor as well. Since “daigou” is so crazy in China that the government issue a politic to limit the personal items who can bring back from overseas. People have to pay extra taxes for excess items.

If you seriously consider to run your E-commerce in China, be aware that the rules are quite different between China and other countries like EU or USA. Study your competitors and play the game like a local people.

What we can do for you in daigou

If you have any question how to run a E-commerce in China feel free to contact us, you can leave a message or send us an email to [email protected], we would be glad to help you.

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