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Why do you need to create a Chinese website in China?

Firstly, Let Chinese customers to find you.

Due to some reason people in Mainland can not visit some website overseas such as facebook, youtube etc. Or the visiting speed is too slow that customers lose patient at all and have no interesting to view the content anymore.

With our service, build a local website in mainland China(Mandarin/Chinese+English) with a local server, let customers to find you easily.

We can also provide translation service,  make sure your product/service description is aligned to China market. Make sure Chinese customer understand your product /service description. We know Chinese customers search habits and let local people do it for you.

Also, we can provide China SEO optimization services, make keywords that will work with local SE such as Baidu and 360.

create a Chinese website improve user experiences.

Secondly, with a Chinese local website, let customers to build trust on you as well as improve user experiences. Give them a feeling that you are a global company and will provide good products with great service and support.

Thirdly, with a local website, you can easy to show your products through videos. Since youtube is blocked in China. We can assist to submit the video on local video website like Youku, Tudou,Aiqiyi etc or your own website with fast turnaround.

Finally, we can also assist you to apply for wechat and weibo for communication and interaction with Chinese customers. Wechat and Weibo are the most popular tools in China with different kind of advantages.

If you want to build a ecommerce website, we can also help to integrate wechat pay and alipay.

Of course, we can assist you to apply for the wechat pay account and alipay account.

Just send us a message or email ([email protected]) if you have any question, our team will be glad to provide service to you and answer your questions.

Why wait, contact us now, expand  your business in China with us. 



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