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Submitted by ruo on Fri, 04/07/2017 - 11:39

Why you need to translate your website content from English to Chinese?

China, one of the largest economy market in the world, has more than half billion internet users. With the explosion of mobile phone, people used to do everything online. Besides, China’s economy is continues to grow fast. More and more companies expand their business in China. However, not every Chinese people can read English well, so the need for English to Chinese translation service continue to grow quickly.

Translate English website to Chinese website is a basic need.  With a Chinese website people will know who you are, what you do and feel comfortable to contact you.

Is traditional English into Chinese translation enough for your Chinese website?

However, most traditional translators don’t understand web languages. They don’t know SEO, don’t understand keywords, won’t search online look for the suitable keywords for your content, have no idea how to do web content optimization, why page title is so important, what’s is meta tags etc. All they do is to translation your content from English to Chinese. Well, that doesn’t mean they are not good translators, sure, they are. But it’s not your purpose.

The purpose we create a Chinese Website is to let Chinese customers to find us and know us. There is no problem for understanding but the main problem is how can people find you online.

With our service(DR Website translation), we know how to translate the content combined with SEO techniques to optimize your Chinese website and let people to find you, then know you who you are.

What else you should consider when create a Chinese website?

Do we need to translate the whole website into Chinese? Since translation service is not cheap some sections such as news or blog which are regularly updated, you can choose not to translate all of them. Maybe create a classic Chinese website with main content will be find for you. We can select some blogs and translate them in order to do online marketing. For example, post them on related websites, forum, wechat marketing etc.
Not 100% clone English website. Due to the differences between both languages and cultures, user habits, we have adjust the Chinese website based on potential customer’s habits. Do not use some taboo words or numbers for promotion such as number 4 and 7 which mean death and poor in Chinese. Prefer to use 6 and 8 which mean lucky and rich.
If you have any question or need about website translation, please feel free to leave a message or send us an email [email protected].



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