China local SEO (Baidu SEO)

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Why you need Baidu SEO

Google which is the most popular in the world, but it's can't visit from China. And Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. to do the Baidu SEO is the key to get traffic for your Chinese website.

Different between SEO in Baidu and Google 

There are some differences between Baidu and Google.

(3=important;2=less important;1=no important):

Content  Baidu  Google
 Page title  3 3
meta description  3 2
meta keywords  3  1
Heading tags 3 2
Home page 3 2
internal text 2 3
external text 2 1
quantity of links 3 2
quality of links 1 3
site map 2 2
site speed 3 1

After we sign the contract with our client we will let our SEO expert to follow up the case in long term from keywords and marketing research, key words adjustment, website optimization, campaign tracking etc.


What can we do for you

Baidu SEO

With our team we can assist you to do Baidu SEO, a local dominant search engine, to drive more traffic to your website and make your website ranking higher.

If your projects coming up targeting China and in that case would need a specialist likeourself.

we can help you to  increase the traffic and get more traffic from China for target Baidu. We will provide a customized package based on your case in order to increase the exposure of your website,attract qualified traffic and boost keywords ranking through the methods such as:

  1. Steps Next Action
  2. Competition Analysis
  3. Overview Reporting
  4. Key word identification
  5. Internal Structure
  6. Onsite SEO
  7. Content Strategy
  8. Link Building Strategy

Link Building is probably the most important and we can create links to related forum, websites to increase the exposure of your websites and let your potential customers to know you.

Baidu SEM

Also, we can assist you to run Baidu SEM account for you. 

For open a Baidu SEM account your website must be hosted in China with an ICP license, also you need a Chinese citizen ID or a company business license(a company register in China) to to application.

If you have more questions about Baidu SEO please feel free to contact us.

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