China Ecommerce(sell online in China)

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How to do China Ecommerce?

DR, as your partner in China, help you to do China Ecommerce for well online sell in China. DR will assist you to expand your business in China with full service from website build to marketing online. Do you want to start your online business in China? Continue to read the text and contact us if you have any questions.

Customized strategy for your business plan in China:

1,Build Chinese website

  • Building a Chinese website locally including maintain,domain name advice, host, server rent, translation, ICP license application
  • Ecommerce website building including popular payment getaway integration such as alipay and wechat pay
  •, Taobao, Tmall shops set up and run

2,App building and publish

Build an app based on your requirement and publish on hot app store in China such as Tencent, 360 Mobile Assistant, Baidu, Xiaomi App Store, Huawei)

3,online market strategy

 3.1 Baidu SEO/SEM & 360 SEO/SEM

  • Steps Next Action
  • Competition Analysis
  • Overview Reporting
  • Key word identification
  • Internal Structure
  • Onsite SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building Strategy

 3.2Social Medias such as wechat official account, weibo account, youku(video website),hot forums etc

 3.3backlinks building

3.4marketing research, consult

3, other services

  • company register in Mainland China.It requires business license to apply for alipay, wechat pay, ICP license,
  • Import& export services
  • Warehouse management

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