How many channels you can choose to do online market for your business in China

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How many channels you can choose to do online market for your business in China?

1, Banner/Display advertising on related forum, websites, apps etc

Rather than text ads display ads is always a useful tool to attract clients’ attention especially with an interesting images. Display ads on various kinds of websites where your potential customers may visit.

Market Your business In China Via Websites

2,Mobile advertising

Cellphone is like a part of human being’s body and we take it no mater where, when or what we are doing right now, even a child has his/her own cell phone. People spend more time search information through cellphone than computer today.

Text messages, email checking, playing games, and even shopping, you can do everything with your smartphone. 
Due to the boom of apps people used to use cellphone to do everything, shopping,chatting,reading news, play games etc.

Display your ads everywhere including search,social media, in-app services to make people to see it and guide people to decide buy your product/service when they need it.
Also, people like to discuss with friends and ask them for advice. With a mobile ads easy for people to screen shot and share with friends.

Market Your business In China Via Mobile

3,Search engine advertising

Search engines are still playing an important role. People like to use search engine to look for information they want. Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is the necessary part to drive traffic to our website and make your products been searched by potential customers.

Google is blocked in China so we have to use Baidu instead.Baidu and Google’s play rules are quite different. We can assist you to collect suitable keywords, build links, run your SEM account for you. Our purpose it to maximize customers’ marketing budget by constantly improve the ads campaigns we run.

Search Engine Adverstings

4, Social Media advertising

Local social media is the platform where you can attract local potential customers quickly. In China there are two most popular social media names Wechat and Weibo. People in this new information era like to post everything online and followers like to buy same items with their idols. By Idols not just super stars but also people who has a lot of fans ( Wang hong in Chinese).

Wanghong has become a new business in China, maybe worldwide. Even luxury brands like to cowork with Wanghong. A short video to show how to use the product, photos post on social media or live broadcast with functions to buy directly.

Cosmetics brand hire super star to do live broadcast on social media and sold 10000 pcs lipsticks in two hours.

5, Video Advertising

Instead of Youtube there are also many local video platform like youku, tudou,aiqiyi. People can register an account and upload interesting videos to drive traffic. With a link share on social medias easier for people to share it with others

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