Can I register a wechat official account as a foreign company for marketing

Submitted by ruo on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 23:57

Why register a wechat official account?

Statistics show how fast is Wechat(weixin) growing worldwide and how frequently it has been used daily. Right now, there are more than half billion people use Wechat. People spend round 40 min and read more than 5 articles daily on average. Wechat as a combination of Facebook, Twitter, What's app and paypal(wechat pay) plays an important role in China market. To register a wechat official account is import for your bussines in China now.

More and more enterprises, government organizes has registered their wechat official account and use it quite successful such as banks, SF Express. Take SF Express for example, user only need to open wechat and find SF Express official account and follow ("guanzhu") SF Express wechat official account.

Then, you can edit to send a package/document for yourself, pay with wechat pay and check the status of your package through your cellphone. Very easy to use and very convenient.

Also, wechat has become a very important and heavy tool  for consumer marketing such as cosmetics.Local cosmetic companies know it and move faster than international brands which help local brands earn a lot of money and most important thing is win a lot of fans and the market.

Are you exciting now? Can't wait to register your own wechat official account? 

BUT, wait a moment, I'm a foreigner, I can't read Chinese, what should I do?

Well, wechat provide English version as well, which means you can register your own wechat account easily. However there will be one problem that you can't verify your wechat official account.

What's the differences? Check "wechat account type and functions" to review more details.

We can still do something as an unverified wechat official account but less functions. If you don't need to apply for wechat pay and wechat online shop, lucky you, you can register an unverified wechat official account first. 

Why? First of all, you don't need to register a company in Mainland China in the beginning since you have to consider a lot before your register a company.

Secondly, it's better for you to familiar with wechat official account first, see how it works and if it can really help to promote your business.

Our advice, register an unverified wechat offcial account as free trial first, after you are familiar with it and know well how to use it and how it can help your business, then we move to next step, register a business in Mainland China and verify your official account.

Anyway, If you quite sure about what you need and wanna to apply for a verified wechat official account.

It's not that complicated as it sound. Just register a company in mainland China and you get want you need.

We're here for you, if you have any question, just shoot us an email or leave a message, we will back to you asap.

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