AD-free video in your chinese site

Submitted by ruo on Tue, 08/21/2018 - 09:56

Want to put some videos in your site in China promote your business? As youtube, Vimeo are blocked in China, have to find the replace solution using native China hosting.

1, use 3-part video hosting site,, are the popular Chinese video hosting sites.  You can upload videos into them, and use them in your own site.  But they always have lots of ADs, with a expensive price, you can get a business plan and remove the ADs, but the worst is that:  some of them using flash to display videos, which blocked as default by most browsers. 

2, use own server

Of course, we can host the video in own server together with the website. in this condition, we don't need to worry about the ADs, but another problem is that: not like the cloud server in other countries, the Network in China is most expensive part.    Like Azure, AWS, Liode etc.,  they provide Gbit/s or 100 Gbit/s port free, but in China, to buy a 10 Mbit/s port, we need cost at least RMB 500 per month. and which still not enough for Video transfer.


3, use cloud storage/CDN

Like popular solution is other countries, to host the videos in cloud storage, and use CDN to speed them has the best speed, stable and reliability. Which can avoid the network limit problem, and the cost is cheaper then buy a 3-part video hosting sites' business plan.


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