9 tips to edit a wechat article attract people to click and follow(PART 2)

Submitted by ruo on Fri, 03/17/2017 - 10:22

Why it is so important to edit a good article for your wechat official account?

As we know the importance to have a  wechat official account for China market.Have a wechat official account is only the first step and we have a lot more to learn, the most important thing is daily management and how to attract people to pay attention to your wechat official account. In this case, edit a good article is the most important thing to do since there are thousands of wechat official accounts in the market.

Continually post high quality articles is the key. Not only the content matters but also the edit like size, spacing,etc.

The first part including 4 tips,

  1. choose a right browser
  2. Edit tools
  3. Text composition
  4. Image Edit

Now, we share the last 5 tips:


Sometimes one or two Emoji will make your article looks cute but do not use it frequently.

Here we share two website with various kinds of Emoji:

  1. 96 wechat editor special emoji
  2. QQ zone Emoji

6,GIF Image

GIF Image attract more attention compare to static image. There are some wechat official accounts who focus one GIF image and share a lot of interesting GIF all the time.

How to find GIF Image?

  1. Search engine, image search, keyword +GIF
  2. giphy.com, sounds familiar,doesn't it

7,Cover Plan and brief

You know how important a cover planis and we just skip this part why. There are three points for cover plan:

  1.  choose a right image, for example your topic is about clothing then choose a beautiful image like a model/superstar with a latest clothing is better than anything else.
  2.  No too many words
  3. Size, wechat's official recommend is 900*500 pixel

Also three points about brief

  1. Your own style, create a style which represent you not anyone else
  2. short words, it's a brief for reader to have a glance of your article and click it
  3. MUST have a brief


It's so so so important to do preview, check every thing, grammar, spelling, composing etc.



  1. keep your style : recognize and easier for edit
  2. keep some composing style for you to create a new article.

If you have any good idea or question please kindly share with us. 

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