9 tips to edit a wechat article attract people to click and follow(PART 1)

Submitted by ruo on Thu, 03/16/2017 - 14:32

Why it is so important to edit a good article for your wechat official account?

As we know the importance to have a  wechat official account for China market.Have a wechat official account is only the first step and we have a lot more to learn, the most important thing is daily management and how to attract people to pay attention to your wechat official account. In this case, edit a good article is the most important thing to do since there are thousands of wechat official accounts in the market.

Continually post high quality articles is the key. Not only the content matters but also the edit like size, spacing,etc.

Here are 9 tips for your reference.

1,choose a right browser

Since wechat is Tecent's product we recommend to use  QQ Browser to do the edit. The compatibility is good. Google's Chrome is also a choice which you know well. Due to the Great Wall Project google's products are blocked in Mainland China, so better choose QQ Browser directly if you are living in Mainland China.

2, Edit tools

Wechat official accounts become so popular and powerful that there are many edit tools published in the market accordingly. We will share with you about the most popular and helpful tools:


very easy and convenient to use, has various kinds of styles, one of the most popular edit tools, can use the template directly. XIUMI has two versions: 1.0 and 2.0, recommend to use 2.0 which has more styles and better use experiences.

2) 135 Editor (http://www.135editor.com)

135 Editor has a lot of styles and very beautiful, also the content can be copied to wechat official account easily.

You need to register an account and better become a member so that you have more options.

Also, 135 Editor can set word size No.15, which looks pretty on cell phone screen and very special. Also, 135 Editor has HTML edit mode, if you're a developer, then there are more possibilities.

3)i Paiban(i Editor)

i Editor is not so popular as 135 Editor and XIUMI but it has some very interesting style. Besides, it shares a lot of experiences which is very useful.

Our advice: take time to try these three editors and register an account so that you can collect the styles you like and can choose it if you work with another computer.

3,Text composition

  1. size: choose No. 14-16 for body text and No.16-22 for title. Mostly we use No.14 for body text and No. 16 for Title. It looks better on cell phone screen.
  2. Letter spacing: normally people don't care about this part, but based on our experience, it will increase read experience as well. We can use XIUMI to edit, normally choose 1 pixel.
  3. Line spacing: recommend to set 1.5-2.0 times.
  4. Page margins:recommend to set between 12-15 pixels and it make your article looks better.
  5. Justify: on both sides.
  6. color data: recommend use unified color system to make your wechat official account more recognized.

4, Image Edit

1) Find a good and suitable image. We will share it with you separately later since there is so much to share with.

2) How to set image's size

Most people don't care about the size of image which makes the article looks not so pretty on cellphone screen. We recommend to use 900 Pixel for width and keep the ratio of width and length.

You can use MEITU to do the edit, be aware to save the image with jpg form,not png since png will make the image bigger and not good for cellphone users and it costs long time to loading if the signal is not so well, not good for use experiences.

3)Image composition

keep a blank line between image and body text and keep the image in the center.

4) problem may happen

If you use a third party tool to edit an image and find that it doesn't show on your wechat official account, try to use wechat editor to add image directly.

We will share more in next blog about the other tips(PART 2):



7,Cover plan and brief




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