5 Tips you should know when build a Chinese website for China market

Submitted by ruo on Tue, 03/07/2017 - 14:41

China, as one of the biggest consume market in the world, many people want to share the market but don't know how. Build a Chinese website and let Chinese customers to find you. 

What will be your first step? Build a Chinese website.

Build a website with multilingual and hire someone to do the translation.Is it really so easy? Does it work?Unfortunately, it failed after you spent so many time and money into it.

Here, we provide 5 tips for you to build a useful Chinese website:

1, host your website in China, Mainland China and do ICP

Why? improve the loading speed, it's really slow for people in Mainland China to open a foreign website.

In this case, we advice you to use a local server. Now, there will be another problem, it requires ICP to get the approve to let your website to stay in Mainland China.

Is it the first time you heard these three Alphabet?  ICP is the shortage of Internet Content Provider and you have to apply for the ICP No to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

What documents do you need to prepare for the application for ICP?

Personal website: a Chinese ID card, you don't have one? No worry, we can provide it for you.

Company website: company business license, you have to register a company in mainland China to apply for it. 

Details please see ICP license.

2, Use local services such as Wechat, Alipay, Weibo, Youku

Why? Services are blocked in China such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, paypal,Twitter which are very common tools on your website.

How to fix this problem, one word,  LOCALIZATION。

Google=Baidu, google map=Baidu map, Google SEO=Baidu SEO

Facebook= Wechat, kind of, the most popular chat tool in China

Paypal=wechat pay or alipay, Wechat pay(wechat wallet,Tecent company)and Alipay(Alibaba,owner of Tmall and Taobao) share the China market of online pay.

Twitter=Weibo, Weibo as a China version Twitter, also a important tool for marketing and promotion

Youtube=Youku and other video share platform.

3, Integrate website with local social media such as Weibo, Wechat as login and payment for ecommerce website with wechat pay and Alipay. 

Now, mobile pay with wechat pay and  Alipay (kind like Apple Pay)are so popular that you don't need to bring a wallet or cash with you when you hanging out. 

4,Edit the content based on the users experiences, not just translation 

There are big differences between eastern and western culture as well as the language, the habit to describe a product or search habit. Better ask a person who knows the local market well to do the job.

5,Set up a mobile website, html 5

As mentioned by point 3, mobile phone is so popular in China that more and more ecommerce deals are done through cell phone. Chinese people like to download various kinds of apps for different kinds of needs.

If you have any problem dealing with your Chinese website or want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]


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